Teens Finding Hope

A website dedicated to teens with mood disorders like depression. Find helpful worksheets, warning signs, resources, and what to do.

Crisis Pregnancy Center

A great resource for anyone experience crisis related to pregnancy. Free resources include guidance and emotional support, initial ultrasound, parenting information, baby items.

General Mental Health

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

An invaluable source of information on various topics related to mental health.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

A suicide hotline suited for all vulnerable persons and populations. Informative articles as well.

Disaster Distress Hotline

A SAMHSA resource for people experiencing stress due to a natural or manmade disaster.

Marriage & Relationships

The Five Love Languages

From the renowned book by Gary Chapman, a personal perspective on how you give and receive love.

Focus on the Family

Marriage advice and support for those who seek a spiritual perspective.


Positive Discipline

Tips for parents and schools who don't want to spank but still want t teach their children to grown into successful adults with a positive self image.

Empowering Parents

An informative resource for real-world parenting dilemmas. From the program Total Transformation.


Children and Adults with Hyperactivity Disorder

National support for ADD and search for local support group.