The Practice

Our practice is well-established and reputable in the Bayou Region of South Louisiana. We are located in Thibodaux, but we see people from many surrounding areas. Kim Thompson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for changing the world around her, starting with the individuals, couples, and families they care for in this counseling agency. Seeing the need for trust-worthy, efficacious, and effective therapy in the area, Kim has brought on board Amy Anderson, a Licensed Master’s Social Worker from Texas, who is very experienced and trained in various evidence-based modalities. Both Kim and Amy are dedicated to providing helpful and often essential clinical services to people who are ready to find peace and joy in their lives.

We have quite different backgrounds in education and experience, and we take pride in offering a depth of skills that many offices may not have. Because every client has their own needs and goals, we assess you first to determine which therapist will provide the best solution for your specific needs. We consider ourselves your teammates. We may be the experts in human behavior, but YOU are the expert in YOURSELF. We start where you are and go from there. We see individuals and couples, and sometimes we bring family members in for support and guidance.

Sometimes therapy alone does the trick. Talking about problems with an objective and supportive teammate helps you process your life events, and brainstorming solutions together empowers you to take action and build a better life.  We have helped hundreds of clients feel better with therapy alone. But when counseling isn’t quite enough, we are very fortunate to be able to offer you an in-office psychopharmacological solution. We work closely in the office with Dr. Maria Cruse, a renowned psychiatrist named as Top Doctor many consecutive years now. Our patients are not mutually exclusive. Some therapy clients never need medicine, and, likewise, some patients needing medication never seek therapy. But oftentimes the two go hand in hand for faster and longer lasting progress. Medicine may help you feel just good enough to take action on the things we talk about in therapy.

Lastly, if we feel someone else can get you better faster, we maintain referral relationships with other experienced therapists, doctors, and organizations in order to ensure your best chance at reaching your desired psychological wellness!  It can be a challenge to find the perfect match for you, but we are confident that once you are welcomed into our safe and professional healing space, you will find exactly what you have been searching for all along!